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Mr Stretton's site is designed to attract new local customers ... an ongoing Google advertising campaign has ensured that customers find him easily


Mr Stretton asked me to build a webpage for him last year. At the time he was unsure how useful a website would be, and so he commissioned just a one page site. The number of enquiries that came to him through his website convinced him of its worth and he upgraded later to a full site.

Stretton heating are a family firm in Telford. They wanted customers to be able to find them easily online. They asked for a site that was easy to navigate, and would allow customers to find out all the information they wanted about boilers and prices, without being forced to fill in a contact form. However they did want customers to have multiple opportunities throughout to make contact.

We suggested a multi-page site which would give room to layout all the technical information in an accessible way; attractive layout and pictures lighten the technical content.

One each page there are multiple opportunities highlighted for the customer to make contact.


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Mr Stretton uses a Google Adwords campaign

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